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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy for Asleei store:-

This policy contains a lot of important items which make the clients know the data that we need from them, our uses for these data, how we protect these data and a lot of other important items which the clients should read and agree upon it in order to be able to use our store and deal with us and buy form our various products. The Privacy policy for Asleei store contains the following items:-


1- The data that Asleei store needs from the clients:-

A- We need some important data from the clients in order to be able to register in our store and these data are such as the first name, the last name, Email, phone number, enter his password, re-enter his password and any other data that we need from the client, he must obligate to provide Asleei store with it.

B- The data that we need from the clients when they want to contact with us are full name, Email and any other data that we need from the client, he must obligate to provide us with it.

C- The data that we need from the clients when they buy our products are such as the name of the company, the first address, the second address, city, Post Code, country, region and some data about the payment method which the client will pay by it and any other data that we need from the client, he must obligate to provide us with it.


2- The responsibility of the clients in Asleei store:-

The client set up an account that belongs to him in our store and the client enters all personal data which our store needs from him so, the responsibility of keeping client data from being lost or disclose only lies upon the client, and he must not disclose his data to anyone else so as not to cause damage to his account in our store.


3- Protecting the clients' data in Asleei store:-

When the client provides us with the data that we need from him, urgently, we take all measures that will contribute to maintaining the client data so that these data will be safe in our store, but we regret that we cannot guarantee to keep the client data by 100% because we are existing on the Internet with the possibility of facing many risks in it, and for these reasons, we advise the clients that it is necessary to inform us if they feel that there is any threat or risk to their data in our store.


4- The uses of Asleei store for the clients' data:-

We use the clients' data in order to meet our legal obligations and to serve clients in the best way possible; we use the client personal data in the following matters:

A- In order to be able to contact with the clients and be able to answer all their questions and inquires.

B- In order to be able to send products, discounts and offers which are available in our store to the clients.

c- In order to be able to deliver these data to the governmental or judicial entities if these entities request these data from the administration of Asleei store.

D- In order to be able to deliver these data to the third parties which we contract with them to use these data with the way that suits them.

E- For any other matters that Asleei store sees it is necessary to use the clients' data.

5- Cookies:-

We request from the clients to use their cookies in order to know what they need and work on carrying out their needs. Cookies are a small text files that are downloaded when you use any site or store that uses these files like our store, and the use of clients' cookies does not cause any harm to them, but it helps us to develop our store in the way that all clients wish.


6- The links for third parties:-

It is probable for Asleei store to contain links of the sites or stores belongs to the third parties which we contract with them by our store and Asleei store has no control over these sites and stores, so the clients must read their privacy policy and terms and conditions before they deal with them.


7- The rights of Asleei store:-

Asleei store has the right to carry out all necessary  modifications or changes or additions needed by our store at any time that the administration of Asleei store sees that there is a need to do that in order for our store to become as the way that the clients wish, so our store administration advises the clients to follow this policy carefully to know any modifications or changes or additions which are carried out to this policy, because once we carried out these modifications or changes or additions to this policy, it will become in force and applicable to all clients.


8- The rights of the clients:-

A- The clients can correct any fault in their data which they provides us with it through contacting with us to carry out all their needs.

B- We will not sell or rent the personal data of the clients to any third parties.


9- Contact us:-

We welcome any messages and inquiries of the clients at any time when they want from us to answer any thing ambiguity for them. We also will work to answer these inquiries and messages as soon as possible.


Payment policy: -

We follow all ways in order to provide an excellent experiment for the clients. So, we provide various means of payment in order to buy from our products. The means of payment which are available in our store are Visa, Master Card, and Kent for payment. Payment is made through our store by making the clients following these steps:-

1- The client registers an account in our store and then looks at the products which are displayed in our store and he selects the products that he wishes to buy from our store and puts them in his shopping basket.

2- The client enters all the data that we required from him and these data must be correct and accurate and he must revise it before he enters it.

3- The client chooses the appropriate payment method for him and he can pay through it.

4- The client completes the payment process and waits for the products to be shipped to him.