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Shipping policy:-

Asleei store is keen to provide maximum comfort to the client so, the store has contracted with various shipping companies to ship the products that the clients have purchased to any place the clients need. The shipping process is carried out according to the following conditions:-

1- The duration of shipment of the products is determined according to the place where the client lives so that the duration of shipping ranges from 20 to 30 working days or less depending on the duration taken by the shipping companies.

2- Shipping fees are determined by the contracted shipping companies and it determines that fees according to where the client lives and all the details of the shipment appear when the client completes the payment process.

3- The client alone will bear all shipping fees, customs and taxes on the products that he has purchased from us.

4- The client will bear the shipping fees twice if he provides us with a wrong address.

5- The client buys the products from our store and then we ship them to him from Turkey and we will receive these products by our branch in Kuwait and then the products purchased by the client will be shipped directly to him and if the client does not receive these products, it will be returned to the branch of our store in Kuwait and the client can then order these products again and then, the client will bear the shipping fees.